What is Hybrid Publishing?

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Hybrid publishing is a model of publishing that combines elements of traditional publishing and self-publishing. In a hybrid publishing model, authors work with a publisher who provides a range of services, such as editing, formatting, cover design, and distribution, that are similar to those provided by traditional publishers. However, unlike traditional publishers, hybrid publishers often do not require authors to go through a rigorous selection process and do not provide advances. Instead, they charge authors a fee for the services they provide and authors retain more control over the publishing process and retain a higher percentage of royalties earned. Hybrid publishers also typically offer authors the option to purchase additional services, such as marketing and promotional support, which can help increase the visibility and sales of the book.

Is there a standard pricing structure?

Hybrid publishers typically offer a mix of traditional and self-publishing services, and their pricing structure can vary widely. Some hybrid publishers may charge an upfront fee for editing, formatting, and cover design, while others may offer these services on a la carte basis. Some may also charge a percentage of the book’s sales or a monthly fee for ongoing distribution and marketing services. Additionally, some hybrid publishers may also offer additional services such as literary agency representation, which can add to the cost. It is important to carefully review the pricing structure and services offered by any hybrid publisher you are considering, and to compare it to other options such as traditional publishing and self-publishing, before making a decision.

What kind of publisher is Beverly House?

Beverly House Press operates as a hybrid publisher and traditional publisher. We work with talented writers with an existing readership to extend their reach and create beautifully designed books that continue to expand their brand and create new opportunities. This is done under a traditional publishing agreement where the author may receive an advance upon acceptance of their work. In addition, we work with entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders to create books that speak to the needs of those they serve while highlighting their expertise, creativity, and distinction within their field. We offer a generous royalty package that enables our authors to keep 60% or more of their books profits. Learn more about our hybrid publishing offers here.

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Table of Contents

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