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Group Author Publishing is the perfect solution for business owners and leaders who want to share their knowledge and expertise with the world but don’t have the time or resources to write a full-length book on their own. In this program, you’ll contribute a chapter on the book theme, and our team will handle the rest. We’ll help you draft your text and author bio, which will be used to advertise your business.

What Do You Get with This Program?

How Does Group Author Publishing Program Work?

Group Author Publishing is a full-service book publishing program specializing in supporting groups of authors who wish to publish a book together. We offer a wide range of services to help authors with everything from writing and editing to design and printing.

In this program, business owners and leaders contribute a chapter on the book theme. They are given guidelines and examples to use for drafting their text and author bio, which will be used to advertise their business.

We are committed to helping authors create high-quality books that will reach a wide audience. We also provide marketing and publicity support to help authors promote their books. Group Author Publishing is a great option for authors who want to collaborate on a book project without going through a traditional publisher.

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