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I partner with experts and independent professionals to create the ultimate authority-building book that generates warm leads and improves sales conversions so that you can be of greatest service, to the most people, and create the legacy you want.

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    Set Business Objectives

    It's important to be clear on your personal and business objectives when it comes to writing and publishing a book. It's a huge investment of time and resources and should be decided upon. with deliberation and reflection with clear goals for the outcome.

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    Do the Research

    It's not enough to just write a book and hope that your ideal customers will somehow manage to discover it; you need book marketing plan. This means understanding where your book should be 'on the shelves', who the other author's are in this niche, and what's performing well with organic sales (no marketing) right now.

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    Give Them What They Want

    I want your book to be so good people can't stop talking about it and sharing it with their friends. At Beverly House Press, I have a process built into my work flow that ensures your book connects with your readers and gives them the answers and inspiration they're looking for.

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    Capture New Leads for Your Business

    While selling a book online may generate a bit of revenue for your business, it is unlikely to bring you new clients and customers unless you have a book funnel in place to collect their contact details and stay in touch with them. By creating multiple means of connecting with readers, new warm leads can easily connect with you and your business.

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    Launch Your Way to a Best Seller

    I help my authors strategize for a successful book launch with carefully curated launch dates, speaking engagements, and social media promotions. Planning your launch helps ensure you get the eyes you need on your book the day it goes live.

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    My Services

    Whether you want a day planner for your clients, a business book that establishes your authority, or an inspirational memoir that gives hope to your audience, Beverly House partners with you every step of the way and meet you wherever you are in the process of creating a book that gives you warm leads. My Business & Author Services includes consulting, marketing, project management, website creation, self-publishing package (including access to ghost writers).

    Business Strategy

    Dreamed of writing a book but lost on what to write or how to tie it into your business? Let us help get you sorted with a clear plan.

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    Book Publishing

    A comprehensive package to take you from completed manuscript to a beautifully designed and published book available world-wide.

    Automated Book Funnels

    An automated website that collects readers and turns them into clients? Yes, please! We take care of the tech and get you ready to launch.

    Partnership Makes It Easy

    You want to run your business and start taking those calls from new leads, not learn about indie publishing! We’ll work together and support you with our simple 6-step Book-to-Leads Process.

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    Why Work With Us


    You're not expected to know everything. We're here to help.


    You'll have templates, work plans, and email access to support.


    Your 60% royalty rate gives you a strong return on investment.


    You'll know what's happening each and every step of the way.

    Our Books

    We love the process of brainstorming book ideas and seeing them come to life. Our mission is to help you put your book into the hands of the people that need it most.  

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